Report for your lost ,stolen or non arrived Walmart credit card

Loss of Walmart credit cardWalmart credit card is one of the world famous credit cards. It is a shop card that you can use for online shopping as well as for offline shopping at any Walmart store. But in order to use a Walmart credit card, you must have an account with Walmart along with much credit. You need to first apply for a credit card. It will definitely take some time but the acceptance will be easier and fast if the form is filled out correctly.

Loss of Walmart credit card

But what if your Walmart credit card is lost or does not arrive at you once you applied? If you are applying for a Walmart credit card then it should reach to your address within maximum 10 business days. But what if the same does not happen? In this article, we will discuss this.

Loss of Walmart credit card – What if your Walmart credit card Never Arrived, Lost or Stolen

Walmart credit card allows you to shop online or at stores. One can use this at worldwide Walmart shop for both online and in-store shopping. Walmart is basically an American based multinational chain of discount stores as well as the biggest merchandising corporation in the US, with franchises of departmental stores, supermarkets, and grocery stores. The credit card of Walmart This credit card is issued by  that offers a lot of benefits for its customers. United State based Synchrony Bank issues thsi credit card for the good sake of costomers with multiple advantages.

How to Apply Online for a Walmart Credit Card

  • First of all, navigate to Walmart home page with the link
  • Now Choose the category “Credit Card” from the top of the home screen
  • Then click on Apply now
  • If you have an account already with Walmart then just login to your account with your login credentials. Else create an account by providing all the necessary details
  • You need to furnish all data such as personal details, current address, permanent address, contact details, income details, date of birth, SSN, mother’s maiden name and the method you opt for statement delivery.
  • Now read the on-screen instruction properly and choose whether to accept term and conditions
  • Finally, click on accept it and  then hit on submit button.

Loss of Walmart credit card

After a successful application  for credit card, you can now check the status of your application

What to do if your Walmart card is lost

To know the status of your online application you can call to Walmart credit card service. The time to get the card depends upon how well you have filled out the application form. But sometimes it also happens that applicants don’t receive their credit card from Walmart. So in that situation don’t panic and follow the below instructions.

Loss of Walmart credit card

  • If your online application is approved properly, then you may get your credit card at your respective address that you gave while filling form  within 7-10 business days
  • If it is approved but still you have not received your credit card till atleast 10 business days then contact any Walmart Credit Services toll-free at 1-877-362-5952 and inform them your problem
  • Also by mistake, you lost your Walmart credit card or is stolen then call to the Walmart credit card service at 1-877-362-5952

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