Walmart Credit Card Payment – An Easy guide

Walmart credit card payment: Walmart credit card is one of the world famous credit cards. It is a shop card that you can use for online shopping as well as for offline shopping at any Walmart store. For an online payment, you need to have an online Walmart Credit Card account along with all login credentials. Here we will discuss Walmart credit card payment.

Walmart credit card payment

But for starters, before starting online payments you need to have a credit card and for that, you must have good credit. You need to first apply for a credit card. It will definitely take some time but the acceptance will be easier and fast if the form is filled out correctly.

Walmart credit card payment – How to pay on your Walmart Credit card

This article shares all the methods of payment using Walmart credit card. The very first step towards this is the registration step. You need to register for an account if you don’t have. If you have a Wallmart account then directly you can apply for a Walmart credit card.

Walmart credit card payment

One of the interesting parts is that when you apply for a Walmart credit card you can track the approval status in real time. Just by logging in online, the online approval status will be known. Once it is approved you will get it in your hand will all online banking kit.

Types of payment using Walmart Card

Ther are especially two types of cards. One is Walmart credit card and the other one is the Walmart discover card. As compared to the credit card the discover card comes with some extra features and perks.

Walmart credit card payment

With every purchase with Walmart discover card you can get upto 1 percent cash back. It is accepted everywhere. On participating at the gas station, you can save upto ten cents per gallon. You can also get a free fico score for any online e-billing. This card comes with zero dollar fraud liability along with zero annual fee charge.

Walmart Credit card also comes with all the benefits like discover cards but only limitations are its acceptance is not everywhere like discover card. You will get a limited use of credit card. Credit card will not give you cash back feature with the first purchase.

Steps of Walmart Credit Card Payment

Online Payment

  • Open the website “”  and then click on ” Access Your Account”
  • Now click on “Register Here”. Then enter your 16- Digit Walmart credit card account number along with your name, billing address, and email ID. You can set up your own password to use your account
  • Now you can sign in your account and then click on “Make Payment” or “Payments. Then give your bank account details and proceed towards payment

In-Store Payment

  • Walmart should have a money-center to accept payment. If you dont know then make an inquiry about that
  • gather all your credit card bills so that the representative will get your account number. Else take your credit card with you so that it will be easier for the payment to your credit account
  • This mode of payment will be in cash, check or money order form
  • It takes 24 to 48 hours to post the payment to the account

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